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Why Do I Need Disability Insurance?

Photo of Disability Insurance Providers According to the Social Security Administration, 30 percent of all workers will become disabled sometime before they reach age 65. If you become disabled and are unable to work, how will you replace your current income – and pay your bills for your home, utilities, car, food, your children’s education, and the many other day-to-day living expenses?

Unfortunately, most people do not realize how important disability insurance is – until they become disabled and can no longer earn a paycheck. Insurance experts agree that disability insurance is more important than life insurance because you are more likely to become disabled before age 65 than you are to die. A serious accident or disabling illness could leave you unable to support yourself or your family, if you don’t have a disability insurance policy.

Some employers provide disability insurance, but you get only a percentage of your current income: usually about 60 percent. Is just over half of your current salary enough for you to get by for months or years while you are unable to work? Many people can’t rely on collecting Social Security because you have to meet certain criteria to collect it before age 65. Savings accounts are helpful, but even a large amount won’t last long when you have everyday expenses and bills to cover.

How We Can Help

A private disability insurance policy from Michigan Affordable Health Insurance can give you peace of mind and the protection you need in case you become one of the millions of Americans who are too sick or injured to work. Whether your disability is short or long term, you’ll be glad you are covered with a quality disability insurance plan that is tailored to meet your needs. Think about it: you can maintain your quality of life and keep your future financial goals intact despite being unable to work.

Another affordable option that many of our clients ask about is mortgage disability insurance, which will cover your mortgage payment for up to three years if you become disabled. This policy is a safety net to keep you from losing your home while you are unable to work.

Finding Affordable Individual Disability Insurance

The experts at Michigan Affordable Health Insurance take the time to explain all your options before you commit to a policy. Our offices are located in Southeast Michigan and we are available to meet with you to talk about your insurance questions with no obligation. You deserve to know all the details and how the policy can be tailored to meet your needs. Talk to a live person who specializes in disability insurance, and get your questions answered about:

  • Individual long-term disability insurance
  • Short-term disability insurance
  • How to file a short-term disability claim
  • Collecting disability insurance
  • Getting disability insurance quotes

The Michigan Affordable Health Insurance Difference

Are you tired of impersonal online quotes or pushy phone calls that just want to sell you a policy? At Michigan Affordable Health Insurance, we want you to have coverage that makes sense for you and your family. We want you to walk out the door feeling good about your decision to have disability insurance. We will sit down and talk with you when it’s convenient for your schedule, and we will walk you through the process, step by step. Talk with the experts – you’ll be glad you did!

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