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Image of Low Cost Health Insurance Providers With so many options today for an individual health insurance provider, you may be wondering where to start. Whether you’re a business owner, raising a family, an early retiree, or just need individual health coverage, I will work to find a plan that works for you. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call me, licensed insurance agent with National Benefit Plans. I’m one of the Top Agents in the state of Michigan, a President’s Council member for six years running, and I work for one of most reputable and experienced agencies in the state.

As your health insurance expert and personal agent, I promise that you won’t get an automated answering service or a “one-size-fits-all” insurance plan. I believe in meeting each potential customer face-to-face to discuss the best options for affordable health insurance plans. Health insurance is a personal decision, so you deserve a personal one-on-one conversation about it.

As my potential client, you will be able choose from a wide variety of affordable health insurance providers to meet your needs. My insurance coverage area extends across Southeast Michigan, and my agency’s corporate offices are in Troy. If you’re transitioning from a group health insurance provider or another individual plan, you probably have questions about what to expect, and how to get the best coverage and service. I will listen to your needs, explain your choices, and select a plan to give you excellent health coverage at low cost.

HMO vs. PPO – What’s The Difference?

Many of my clients are familiar with HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plans, but are unclear about how a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) works. A PPO health insurance plan offers you the freedom to see any doctor you choose – whether in- or out-of-network. There are no referrals – you are in charge of your health care decisions. When you choose doctors within the extensive PPO network, you receive a higher level of coverage than when you choose out-of-network doctors. Individuals often find that a low cost health insurance PPO offers the freedom and flexibility they need with minimal hassle. And because we offer so many high quality options, it’s easy to find a plan that has the network, coverage, and service you want and expect.

We Do The Legwork For You

My experience and knowledge of the health insurance industry will work to your advantage as you choose the exact coverage you need. You don’t have to spend hours scanning hundreds of websites that are designed to sell you a product that may or may not suit your needs. As one of the Top Agents in the state of Michigan, I work closely with a variety of health insurance providers in order to give each customer a choice and a say in what kind of health coverage they want. I’ll answer your questions, address your health insurance needs, and work within your budget.

PPO Health Insurance Options

Some of the PPO Health Insurance Plans we offer include:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
  • Humana One®
  • American Community Mutual
     Insurance Company®
  • Assurant Health
  • United Health Care®
  • American Medical Security®
  • Golden Rule

Talk To A Real Person

Don’t settle for a recording or automated website quote – talk to a live person who will come to you! I sincerely feel that talking in person is the best way to get a clear idea of your health insurance needs and to help you feel confident in your decision.

My goal is to provide the only the most efficient, friendly, and professional service to each and every customer. Just ask the clients who have stayed with me for years – I am serious about giving you only the best customer service each and every day! I’ll explain everything you need to know about heath insurance, and if you’re ready to look at options, we can set up a time and place that’s convenient for you. Simply call me to schedule a meeting to discuss your questions, concerns, and expectations for individual health insurance. There is no obligation or pressure to buy, so you have nothing to lose!

You deserve a quality health plan that fits your life –

Call (888)-502-5921 to schedule a one-on-one discussion.

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